Bartering: what types of trade are right for you?

Bartering replaces money as a recognized method of payment in exchange for goods and services. Depending on your business, there are a few different types of trade that allow bartering to be a method of payment. Barter in New York flourishes because these types of trade represent the varied needs of individuals and business owners.

Two main types of trade are direct and indirect trade. Direct trade is usually done individual to individual. Money isn’t used as a method of payment and there are no third parties involved. You may also hear this referred to as retail trade. Indirect trade is more formal and can involve a bartering agency. This method of barter in New York gives you more flexibility. You don’t necessarily have to accept what the other member is offering; since there are multiple members involved with a bartering agency, you can save your bartering dollars or use them to get goods and services from other members. This can also be known as corporate trade.

Among other types of trade is blended trade. This means that money was also exchanged in addition to an exchange of goods and services, but the money would not be equal to the actual value of the goods or services. Media bartering exchanges promotional activities, such as a spot on a talk show, for dollars in the trading system. Counter trade bartering is beneficial for those who want to trade bilaterally or don’t have any hard cash. Finally, community currency is another form of bartering to use in a concentrated area. For example, in the United States the community currency is the dollar, but elsewhere pesos or Euros are used.

These different types of trade are designed to represent the unique needs of individuals or companies who don’t want cash, credit cards, or checks to be their sole method of payment. All of these types of trade should come with some type of written agreement to ensure that each party knows what they are entitled to. The different types of trade round out the trade system, making it complete. They also allow you to make more personal relationships than you would if you were using an expected method of payment.

When you choose to barter in New York, you can expect to have access to the best types of trade and assistance. Let your business flourish the way it should by taking advantage of a trading system instead of paying for services with funds you may not have yet. Joining a trade agency will be worth your time, especially if you are a first time trader of services. You’ll get advice and help from the agency employees; most trade agencies also have trade directories, making it very easy to find what you need.